Harmful Materials You Could Encounter on Demolition Processes

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On the course of the demolition process, particular harmful materials could be discovered. Because of this, the team that does this process should be extra careful. These hazardous materials don’t only need removal techniques by methods of disposing of safely as well. No matter what kind of structure that you’re tearing down—for remodeling or other reasons—you have to know the dangerous substances that they might have. Because of this, we have listed below some of the hazardous items to be careful of during the demolition process. Take note of the following hazardous materials and immediately look for demolition companies near me if you have these in your property: 


It is a mineral that naturally occurs, which has been mind for several years now and made into different products due to its great qualities, such as its heat resistance to heat exposure and chemical and its durability. Asbestos could be found in many items like insulation, hairdryers, and other materials for construction. Nowadays, it’s still existent in several older buildings. After several years of liberally utilizing this material, studies show that it’s a cause of serious diseases, such as Mesothelioma. It should be disposed of an eliminated with additional care for the safety of all individuals working on it and the environment as well. 


This can cause respiratory issues together with some health problems. Moreover, mold can spread and develop easily, especially in damp areas. It can reproduce through spores and once these spores are exposed during the demolition process, extra mold development could happen rapidly. 

Pipes and lead paint 

Lead paint can be observed in all types of structures from industrial to home buildings up to the 1970s. As time passes, this paint flaked and made a way into some structure parts and start to cause health issues. Moreover, lead was once found in water pipes. There’s a chance that it will leak into the water supply. Older buildings might still have these contaminated water pipes. Once an individual is exposed to lead, he/she might have health conditions like reproductive issues, renal problems, neurological problems, and more.  

PCBs or Polychlorinated Biphenyls 

PCBs could be seen in old caulking, electrical capacitors and transformers, and some material in older buildings. They’ve been associated with chronic health problems like thyroid disorders, birth defects, and other health issues.  

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