How to Maintain and Clean Washing Machines

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When your washing machine is clean, then the device will run faster and your clothes will smell better. While washing machines are intended for cleaning, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need cleaning themselves. You need to clean washing machines as frequently as possible. It’s not something that has to wait until the next spring-cleaning session. 


Washing machines can save a lot of time in cleaning clothes. They’re really working well after you have purchased them from the store, but they may deteriorate over time if used continuously without cleaning. Here are tips on how to clean your washing machine: 

  1. Clean the drain hose. 

Onof the parts of a washing machine that gets dirty faster than any other part is the drain hose. The drain hose of front and top-lading washing machines will eventually have a lot of buildups, more particularly gunk from dirt, grime, and soap.  

  1. Clean the mesh filter. 

If you own a front-loading washing machine, then you need to clean the mesh filter as well. Not all washing machine owners know that front-loading washing machines have another filter that also requires cleaning. Experts recommend that this filter is cleaned out once every week. But if you can do it more frequently, then that’s even better.  

  1. Clean the detergent tray. 

The detergent tray is easily removed for cleaning purposes. If the tray in your washing machine can’t be removed, that’s okay. Use a brush to clean it instead. Be sure that you scrub the tray to remove all residue before putting it back.  

  1. Clean the door gasket. 

Also, for frontloading washing machines, the door gasket has to be cleaned. This part also accumulates grime, soap, and detergent residue. This part can get really smelly and dirty so never miss it. You may not see the grime right away but it’s there. Some people will use cotton swabs, soap, brush, and warm water to clean it.  

  1. Do a final wash. 

Once you got the important washing machine parts all cleaned, it’s time to give it a final wash. Some modern washing machines have their own self-cleaning cycle. Run this for the final wash. In case your washing machine doesn’t have this feature, then you can simply mix vinegar and baking soda in similar proportions and place it on the fabric softener and detergent compartments in your washing machine. Run it on the hottest setting. That should make your washing machine thoroughly clean.  

  1. Keep moisture away. 

To ensure that your washing machine will smell good all the time, always keep it dry. Moisture is conducive to bacterial and grime growth so you want to do away with excess water every time. After doing the laundry, open the main door and detergent drawers to help in air-drying the interior chamber. This is just a simple step that can go a long way. It will keep you from the need for expensive washing machine repair Charlotte. Follow all these steps and you’ll extend the life of your washing machine.  


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